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Can parents remove the son from their home?

Everything we find in our parents is ours. Our upbringing is like this. However, in rare cases of sourness in the relationship between the children and the parents, each limb goes extensively. There may be some reason for this. In that case, can parents ask the children to come out of the house? Let’s know the answer to this question here.

When can parents take out children from their homes? Parents can stay with their children in the house as long as possible. In 2016, the Delhi High Court had issued an order. In this the court had said that the son can live only in the parents’ home with the wishes of his parents. Parents do not want to have the legal right to live in their home. Whether or not she is married or not.

Children are abusive and parents have the right to emptying them immediately. In many cases related to the elderly, various high courts have ruled in this regard. He had appealed to these courts after losing children’s harassment. There is no point in getting son out of marriage or not being married. The same thing applies even in the case of daughter and son-in-law.

Is the right to leave the house only for your property? In the year 2017, the Delhi High Court had passed a verdict. It was stated in this that the elderly children who behave poorly, they can evict children from any kind of This property can be of their own, ancestral and even a rent which is in their legal possession. This has improved in the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007. First parents only had the right to remove children from their own This thing is not applicable for your property only.

Does the removed children have a legal right over the property? Parents should remove the child from their homes, but there is no provision to sacrifice them. In case of own property, parents can evict the child. For this, his name may be removed from the will.

However, in the case of ancestral property, parents have no control. The reason is that the child becomes the right person on his own right from birth. They can not remove the child from the proprietary rights of the property in the will. In this way, if the relationship between parent and child is not sweet and the child is removed, then as a legal heir he can take the property.

What is the way to remove the children? Elderly parents can file an application for eviction from the abusers of the Deputy Commissioner or the District Officer. This application is given to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in Delhi. They have to send their reports with the final orders within 21 days.

If the property is not vacated within 30 days, then the Deputy Commissioner can forcibly evacuate him. According to the order of the High Court, the Senior Citizens Maintenance Tribunal also has the right to free the property from the children who harassed the parents.

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