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Commercial investment in realty real estate up 92%

Capital investment in commercial real estate abroad has increased by 92 percent between the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 to $ 70 million (about Rs 4,893 crore). This is said in a report. Knight Frank, a global company consulting firm, said that investors used global markets to invest in different areas to increase their returns and reduce risk. UK, Netherlands, Germany, America and Australia were the top investment destinations for Indian capital investment. & Nbsp;

Shishir Baijal, chairman and managing director of Knight Frank India, said, “The cross-border flow of capital is increasing due to long-term investment cycle with geo-political factors and interest rates in the long-term investment cycle.” That Indian investors are looking at international commercial real estate property for investing in different places and increasing their returns to reduce the risk. .

Meanwhile, foreign investment in Indian Commercial Real Estate was $ 2.6 billion during the period under review. With this $ 2.6 billion investment, India has been ranked 20th in the country with capital imports in this region. China remained sixth with $ 14.30 billion.

America is at the top spot in countries importing capital at the global level. There was a total investment of $ 80.89 billion. According to the report, America is also at the top in countries exporting capital investment. From there, $ 59.62 billion was invested. Followed by Canada ($ 50.41 billion) and Germany (24.50 billion dollars).

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