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In the interest of landlords and tenants, the new model is taking the Tenancy Act Center, many big things in the draft

Now the tenants who rent the house or the shop will not be able to demand more than two months’ rent as security deposits. The Central Government is preparing to bring model Tenancy Act to the house and shop rent-takers soon. Work on the draft of the new law is in the final step to balance the interests of the house-shop owner and the tenant. Under the Act, the landlord will have to give 24 hours written notice in advance for the purpose of house inspection, repair work or any other purpose. Before the deadline written in the Rent Agreement, the tenant can not be removed till he has been paying rent for two months or misusing the property.
Landlord rights

If the tenant is not vacating the house even after the rent is over, then the landlord will have the right to demand monthly rent up to four times. It has been stated in the draft that if the tenant does not vacate the house or the shop within the time limit according to the rent agreement then the landlord will be able to demand double fares for the next two months and after two months it will have the right to charge four times the rent.
Responsibility for both the owner and the tenant

It has been said in the draft that both the tenant and the landlord will be responsible for the maintenance of the structure of the building. If the landlord makes some improvements in the structure then it will be allowed to raise the rent after one month after the renovation work is over. However, the tenant’s advice will also be taken for this.

State Governments wish to implement the law

If the State Governments would like it, they will be able to implement this law even here. However, this law will not be applicable from previous dates. That is, in thousands of property owners in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, no relief will be available to those who are getting very low rent according to the old advances on the prime-commodity. this The issues that are going on the issue will keep going. Remember that the central government’s housing ministry had similar model act before, but it could not be implemented due to strong opposition from Delhi and Mumbai businessmen. There was also a review of the old contracts in that law.

Scams of landlords

Officials say that the latest draft is being prepared in the light of the millions of properties which their owners are not hiring to avoid being caught in legal footing. If the new law came into being, the homeowners would be encouraged and they would be able to rent empty houses and shops unnecessarily. According to the last government survey, 1.1 million properties are lying vacant in urban areas because their owners feel that the tenants do not grab their property. Will decide disputes in Rent Courts

The Model Tenancy Act draft proposals are set to be set up in the states which will have the responsibility to comply with the law of giving rent-free property and protection of the interests of both the owners and the tenants. State governments will also make Rent Courts and Rent Tribunals for quick resolution of any dispute concerning the property of the rent. After signing the agreements, both the property owner and the tenant will have to give information related to the monthly rent, the period of rent and the responsibility of the small work of repairs on the landlord and the tenant. Later, if the dispute was born, the two parties would be able to go to the Authority. It has been said in the draft that if the tenant has given the amount to the owner within one month of complaining to the authority, then he will be allowed to go ahead.

Cabinet approval may be received in August

According to sources, the group of Ministers set up under the chairmanship of Home Minister Amit Shah is working fast on this. This group of Ministers includes Law Minister and Residential Minister. There were two meetings in June for the draft of this model Tenancy Act. It is expected that in the month of August this draft can get Cabinet approval. There will be a meeting again at the end of July.

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