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Know where the property will be investing in the property

Know where the property will be investing in the property
Investing in real estate has been the preferred option for generations to earn returns. Investors traditionally consider this a reliable option. If you also want to invest in real estate for a better return, then we are telling you the 10 areas of the country, where investment can earn a good return. 1. Improve connectivity in Navi Mumbai; Satellite town like Navi Mumbai lives on the radar of investors due to the best infrastructure and connectivity to the main city. Once the airport is developed in Navi Mumbai, its connectivity will be better. Ajay Jain, Joint MD, Sun Capital Advisory Services said, “Customers are taking very much interest within the 10 km radius of the proposed airport.” Due to low operating costs, many IT companies are now shifted to Navi Mumbai’s Vashi and Airli areas.
Posh location or affordable in this area, the interest of home buyers is everywhere. Property prices are attractive in areas like New Panvel. In the last five-seven years many builders have arrived in this area. People’s interest in cheap houses has increased in Ulwe near Belapur Central Business District of Navi Mumbai.

  1. The demand for cheap houses in Mumbai is high in the expensive areas where there is pressure on property prices, while the prices of property are increasing in areas such as Chembur, Goregaon East and Andheri West. People living in Mumbai are now shifting from expensive areas to cheap. In areas where the prices are in the range of Rs 35-45,000 per square feet, there is considerable pressure on the price. Areas like Goregaon East and Andheri West are getting the benefit of increasing connectivity. Price is rising here. Head of CBS Richard Ellis (Residential Services) AS Sivaramakrishnan said, “Eastern Freeway and Santa Cruz-Chembur Link Road, due to the construction of the road, earned returns of 125% from investment here in the next five years can go.’
  2. Increased demand due to Infra in Thane due to the good infrastructure, Thane, situated near Mumbai, has become a metropolis in its own right. In the year 2017, 18% of the total number of homes launched in Mumbai were only in Thane. Anauj Puri, chairman of Encore Property Consultant, said, “With the presence of excellent connectivity and industries, there is a great market of property in Thane. In the commercial market, rental yield is close to 10%. ‘
  3. Much demand of cheap houses in Pune In the last decade, the tremendous growth of the real estate market has created a lot of inventory in Pune. Because of paying attention to the right size flat, the position of the realty in this market has started to improve. In the city, the supply of houses worth less than Rs 40 lakh has now come down to 44%. Due to lack of supply of expensive homes, demand for cheap house has increased. In the city, there is an increase in house prices and supplies in the area near the expressway.
  4. Demand for Commercial-Residential Property in Bengaluru The salient situation of the IT sector has not affected the residential and commercial property market in India’s Silicon Valley. Ritesh Sachdev of Coliers International said, “Bengaluru Commercial Space in the year 2017 The consumption cases remained at the top.
    With a share of 1.53 crore square feet, it has 36% share in the total business of the country. The property market condition is also good in the area’s residential area.
  5. In the list of the best cities to stay in Hyderabad, Hyderabad is now becoming a better market for the property. The new state, the new Chief Minister and improving the economic situation, has improved its property market. Many IT companies are coming here now. With this, after growing political stability, investment in property can give good returns. There is a trend in the property market due to the increased employment opportunities in banking, insurance and other financial services.
  6. Look at the suburbs of Chennai. The expensive property in the city is now a sign of reinforcement. In a year, there is a weakness of up to 11% in the expensive property market. Prog Tiger CEO Dhruv Agrawal said, “The real estate market in Chennai is not doing well and the demand for cheap house has increased in the market.” Asset Properties CEO Amit Bhagat said, “The availability of jobs is the biggest reason for the demand for property. Now most jobs are around GST Road, according to this, a new property market is developing in the suburbs. ” The price of 3500 rupees per square feet is appealing to the buyers. Though Thiru is in Vellur district, but due to the excellent connectivity, Chennai is becoming involved in the suburbs.
  7. In the Noida, the airport will revert to the realty. The property market of the country’s political capital where there is still pressure, while the increase in Metro connectivity has increased activities in Noida. After construction of the airport in Jewelery, property market in the area is expected to improve. Kolhare Sachdev said, “After the opening of International Airport, property market in Greater Noida can increase.”
  8. Investing in Delhi will benefit. Even in Delhi, the trends of shifting from cheap to expensive in the property market have increased. Sachdev said, “Now the companies are shifting to nearby cities to reduce the cost per impression.” Although the condition of the residential property market of the city has not yet been corrected, but prices have increased in two small markets. Investment here in the property is still a bargain deal. Jain said, “There is pressure on price due to lack of demand in recent years. In this context, there can be an investment advantage in the property. ‘
  9. Having a strong office infrastructure at the right price, while strengthening in Gurungma, investors are interested in the property market of Gurujram. Sachdev said, “In the year 2017, 57% of the total demand for commercial property in Delhi-NCR was just Gurujram.” The availability of the nearest and residential-commercial space to the airport is the main reason for the property market to remain constant. Bhagat said, “Improvements in infrastructure development are continuing. Last year, there was a lot of pressure in the high end area. The demand for cheap home is constantly increasing. ‘

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